Our Mission is to serve those we are fortunate to care for, with the highest level of honor, service and compassion.

Mii go bamenimangidwaaingiwindinawemaaginaanigmino-izichigewin. Mii go wiidookawangiddwaaaakozimagakanishinaabeg.


Our Vision is to transform the lives and communities, we are honored to serve and to do so, with love and respect.

Mii go wiidokawangidwaa Anishinaabe ji-mino-bimaadiziwin

Honoring Those We Serve – a reflection of our core values

One day while doing home visits I saw from my car an elderly gentleman in his wheelchair, wheeling himself down the road with groceries tied to the back of his wheelchair. I picked him up, and found out the grocery store was three miles away from his home, across the bridge and over a hill. I introduced myself and the agency and took this opportunity to ask him if he would be interested in applying for services. He eagerly replied yes!

We helped him apply that day. When we arrived for the intake, his home was a small, wooden house with no electricity, no phone, no cooling (A/C), a makeshift ramp for his wheelchair and his door was a salvaged old, wooden door with a rusty wire for closure. He only had water and a wood stove for cooking and heating. He said he had been without electricity for two or more years. This elderly man was so thankful and happy we were there to help him apply for services and to see what we could do for him with the resources in the community.

His application was approved that following December. We assigned a PCA the same day. Our PCA helped the client get his home cleaned and organized. We wrote letters to the District Council and other various tribal agencies to assist the client. Upon receipt of the letters, the client’s electricity was turned on. He received a brand new door with a key lock, a new electrical circuit breaker, a new home phone, and new ramp for his wheelchair. His bathroom was remodeled for wheelchair accessibility, and he received additional home repairs and cable TV. Our office staff enjoyed setting up his trash service, too.

He was very appreciative and happy for our assistance. We really enjoyed helping this client go from having limited resources to obtaining a comfortable life. We are always happy to see him and to see the joy in his eyes, and the smile on his face is priceless! Helping him was an Honor and Gift to us.

-San Carlos, Arizona Staff

Honoring Those We Serve is our motto that is not taken lightly here at Circle of Life, KOLA, and Soaring Eagles offices. I believe that each and every employee has done something to Honor the clients we serve.

With just three hours per week on weekends and limited resources, a widowed and disabled elderly woman rarely leaves the safety of her home and companionship of her two, long-time Labrador dogs. When family or neighbors are unavailable to do shopping for her, she will call the office and ask a staff employee to do her shopping. At the end of the day, this employee will set aside her time to help this client with her personal shopping. When questioned why she doesn’t do the shopping on paid time, our employee said she is always Honored to help the client where she can, and the best part is visiting with her and listening to the many stories she has to share. It is the smallest courtesy that can make a difference, our employee said, not only in your life but also in the life of others. I am not only honoring her by running her errands and helping her out. She is also Honoring me. I am Honored that clients feel comfortable and are calling for help.

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